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About Us

Providing exceptional equipment, extraordinary personnel and legendary service around the world

Who We Are

Muse Presentation Technologies has more then 30 years of national and international experience in the field of audio and video technology services.  We are well regarded for working with clients on designing solutions for a variety of applications including tradeshows, conference rooms, corporate meetings, marketing centers, museums and other permanent installations of audio and video equipment.

Muse is constantly seeking out the latest technologies.  We have formed strategic alliances with companies that are committed to new ideas that will give our clients a competitive edge. Due to this, we often receive prototypes to test, are delivered the first products imported to the country, and provide work with manufacturer’s engineers to define products for our market.

We recognize that our clients expect and demand that we keep them informed about what technologies can be used to value-engineer system designs, and create solutions that will improve their exhibit programs.

Meet the Team

Our team is built from a wide range of backgrounds that combine to create an effective approach to ensuring the complete success of all of our projects. By supporting internal growth and education, our team has experience in every aspect of a successful job, along with the hands on experience that gives each member the skills to ensure total success.