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Interactive 4K Table

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Project Details

Lifescience Media wanted to propose a big splash for Beckman Coulter's booth at the Clinical Lab Expo 2015 and partnered with Muse to make it a reality. The challenge of relating booth visitors how Beckman's many products work together to provide complete solutions to multi site labs would be solved with a combination of physical models and digital graphics. Muse utilized a commercial grade Samsung 85" 4K LCD and a remote mounted capacitive touch panel to control content playback on a solid state signage appliance, while Lifescience developed the cast acrylic models using 3D printed molds. Wicked Liquid FX developed the video media and Czarnowski in Las Vegas custom fabricated the white laminate shroud that held it all together. The acrylic models were replicas of hospitals, doctor offices, remote labs and research centers. Placed in clusters around the display, the animated video lit the buildings and lab components up while a Beckman Coulter representative discussed the features of their products that allow multiple facilities to easily share data and improve workflow. While this installation featured a large display, the concept is scalable using the same models on a smaller display with slightly revised digital media to extend the life of the project.

Launch Project

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