Exhibitor Magazine Insights clip

We’re often asked to weigh in on new exhibit technology, what the latest trends are, what’s coming down the pipeline. When Exhibitor Magazine contacts me, I’m always happy to help evangelize for the greater AV good.

This time they just wanted to know my thoughts on new tech. I have a lot of those, but I kept it short this time! You can have the latest prototypes, the largest display, the brightest projection and the tightest pitch LED panels, but what’s the message? I borrowed a term from our incredibly talented software development friends at Lifescience Media, the “Shiny Ball”. While I’d love to install a 6 projector blend mapped to physical structures in your tradeshow booth, that’s not going to win you any new business unless you’ve got an equally amazing team behind the content, with a strong message that resonates with your audience.

While the Shiny Ball is an excellent tool for attracting eyeballs in a sea of bright lights and loud noises on a tradeshow floor, to get the max ROI, you need your suppliers to work together as partners throughout the planning process. Nothing makes our job easier as a true “partner” in your cause then the opportunity to work with your entire team from early on in the design process. We can share some new ideas with the agency that might spark a stroke of genius on their part, allowing your entire program to benefit. All because our Shiny Ball had the content to back it up!

See what I and other AV experts had to say about about exhibit technology in the Exhibitor Magazine Ten by 10 feature, and keep an eye out for my next collaboration with them, which turned into a much more long winded discussion!