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Interactive Transparent OLED Systems for Rent!

Interactive Transparent OLED

Muse Presentation Technologies is excited to offer the recently released transparent OLED displays in our rental inventory! LG has released the long awaited 55″ 1080p display and they’re as beautiful as we all hoped. To top off the attention grabbing stunners, we’ve mounted the custom made Displax capacitive touchscreen panels to them, to maintain the thinnest, most amazing appearance ever!

We are very excited to offer these for rent at exhibits and events with our own trained technicians who know how to manage these incredibly high tech and rare displays! These transparent OLED panels are ready for custom mounting, and we’ve developed a simple mounting package that your exhibit house can build around, or we can refer you to one of our partners that is prepared to build a custom enclosure just for you!

Call us today at 714-850-1008 for more information on integrating these magical displays into your exhibit now!

Super, mega, ridiculous, ultrawide

Samsung 32:9 5120x1440 Ultrawide QLED LCD tradeshow av rental

Would you take a look at what just filled up the test bench? This curved Samsung 49″ 32:9 aspect ratio QLED display boasts a monstrous resolution of 5120×1440! Brought into tradeshow av rental inventory for one of our clients, I have a feeling it’s going to make for some impressive digital exhibit signage!

Transparent OLED Displays are Available for Tradeshow Rentals Once Again!

Transparent OLED Displays for Tradeshow Rentals

The new transparent OLED displays are in stock for tradeshow rentals! Once upon a time, Samsung produced OLED displays and graced up with the original model that seemingly everyone has been lusting after. This was definitely one of those products that had more interest AFTER it went out of production, which, once Samsung switched to QLED panels for their consumer sets, was the case.

LG has teased us for a couple of years now with the prospect of a new transparent OLED, and has delivered in spades! An impressive display of possibilities filled their booth at Infocomm, and we quickly placed an order for ours, which arrived even quicker!

We’ve also built a low tech model of these panels to aid in custom exhibit fittings!

Due to the design of these panels, and the delicate nature of such a unique product, Muse will require one of our technicians to install and dismantle these displays. For our clients that are already enjoying our incredible service and execution, these will just be another tool in our extensive toolbox available to them!